Engelsk II-III

If you can read and understand the following in English without problems (there may be several words you don’t know), then this class is for you. Perhaps you make mistakes when you speak? Everyone makes mistakes.
Would you like to speak like an American or Englishman? Absolute perfection is not as important as a more precise understanding - and a better use of the English language - with an improved and growing vocabulary. You will learn a very modern and everyday use of English, including popular slang, dialect, etc.
This is a fun and highly effective course for students who wish to do more than just brush up their English conversation… but instead improve greatly in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.
Each week we will read together and discuss a new and interesting text - sent by email - that you will have read at home. Each text is created by the teacher for this specific class.
The texts will be about anything and everything. However, the focus is never upon the always changing - and varied - subject matter but the vocabulary used within the texts.
A highly effective method - unique tothis class and teacher - will be used to help students learn (and remember) new words every session. Students will learn up to 250 new words of their own choice, taken from the texts during a season.
Grammar happens... but learning many new words, saying them correctly and feeling more comfortable in your spoken, conversational English is of far greater importance.
David is a native English speaker. English is primarily spoken in class.

David Isenberg kan kontaktes på mobil 25341104 eller på mail grebnesi@gmail.com. E-mail er nødvendig, da evt. materiale sendes på mail.


Engelsborgskolen, Engelsborgvej 66, 2800 Kongens Lyngby
Onsdag, 17:00 - 18:40
30 lektioner, 15 mødegange
Onsdag 18. september, 2024
Hold nr.: 24255162

1.920 kr./person

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David Isenberg

David er født i USA. Han er uddannet kunstlærer i Colorado, hvor han har undervist i adskillige år samtidig med at han har været kunstner. I Danmark har han undervist på Copenhagen International School og han har ligeledes arbejdet med aftenskole i over 20 år, hvor han har undervist i både kunst og engelsk på mange forskellige niveauer.

1.920 kr./person

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