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Business Engelsk (online)

This course is for you if:
• you can understand English and can talk about your family, work, hobbies, shopping and travelling.
• you use English at work for routine tasks, but you find it difficult to talk about more complex matters.
• you find it challenging to summarise or give an opinion on more complex matters.

The aim of this course is to help you to:
• handle most everyday situations in your job with confidence.
• express opinions, reason and provide summaries.
• widen your English vocabulary (words and expressions), so that you can express yourself more effectively by using a wider variety of words and phrases.
• understand more complex grammar areas and use them effectively when you are speaking.
• pronounce more tricky and difficult words correctly.
During this course, we will concentrate primarily on conversations in English.  To make sure everyone gets enough time to talk in English, we will use small breakout rooms of 2-3 people for most of our discussions.

We will choose our topics together, based on what you need as a group.  These could be for example:
- speaking English with clients and colleagues,
- speaking English in meetings,
- speaking English at a job interview,
- making a presentation in English, and
- writing emails in English.



Onlineundervisning, Online, 6705 Esbjerg Ø
Torsdag, 19:00 - 20:30
28 lektioner, 14 mødegange
Torsdag 25. januar, 2024
Hold nr.: 0624106000

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Eva Woodhouse

I lived most of my adult life in Australia and England. I moved to Denmark a few years ago, as my husband was offered a temporary assignment here.  We both fell in love with Denmark, especially the much more family-friendly lifestyle, and decided to put down roots here.

In my previous career, I worked as a commercial lawyer and contract negotiator for 10 years. During these times, I helped entrepreneurs establish new businesses and assisted existing businesses with negotiating contracts, resolving disputes and addressing every-day operational issues. 

As part of staying in Denmark, I decided to try something new and exciting, so here I am. 

I speak four languages, Danish being my latest acquisition. Both for learning new languages and for maintaining my existing languages, I use various techniques that have been found effective by research on language learning and learning in general.  Some of these techniques are for reducing learning time, some are for better memory and some are for motivation.  I think, motivation is one of the most important ingredients for learning a language and we have to keep it going if we want to succeed.

I hope I can share some of these techniques with you and help you travel further on your English journey.

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