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Waacking for beginners

Waacking for beginners:
This class is for all genders, where we'll use our sneakers and get down to some funky disco music. We will go into basic technique of how to use our hands in a 'waack' in different variations and include some simple footwork. First part of the class will include various exercises and then we'll get into a groovie choreography.
There will be a huge focus on musicality, getting to play with the music in different ways and explore it. This is your chance to do something different and powerful, expressing yourself in a new way.

What is waacking?
In short, waacking is an extremely expressive, free and musical form of dance that is characterized by arm movements and posing with a strong emphasis on musicality and improvised performance

About the teacher:
I’m 22 years old, coming from Iceland and am full of passion for creativity and a love for passing on my knowledge and experiences. I have at least 10 years of dance background and I’ve graduated from Flow Dance Academy, a year of intense dance education in Copenhagen and Paris with many different dance styles. I learned mostly urban styles, such as hip hop, popping, house, break dance, locking, waacking, dancehall and afro house. My strongest styles are hip hop, waacking and house but I love to engage other styles and techniques into my choreographies. I've participated in many showcases, some dance battles, made dance videos and started teaching dance here in Copenhagen last year.
My biggest emphasis is on being able to freestyle, which is also my favorite form of dancing but the foundation is the most important part of being able to do so. I am very open and I love to be creative and try new things.

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Sundbyøsterhallerne, IS Parmagade 2, 2300 København S
Mandag, 19:30 - 20:30
13 lektioner, 10 mødegange
Mandag 18. september, 2023
Holdnr.: 4823204109
AOF Center Storkøbenhavn

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