Vietnamese Cuisine

With its emphasis on fresh ingredients and hearty yet light meals, Vietnamese cooking has been heralded one of the healthiest cuisine in the world.
Join this advanced class to master your cooking skills with Vietnamese chef Phung.
In 3 evening, you will learn how to cook 6 different delicious dishes, from streetfood
to national noodle.

It's a hand-on cooking class, where the teacher will guide you step by step from scratch, no short-cut. The class is held in English.

Raw material is paid to the teacher at the class.


Mølholm Skole, Tankegangen 1, 7100 Vejle
Tirsdag, 17:30 - 21:30
15 lektioner, 3 mødegange
Tirsdag 2. april, 2024
Holdnr.: 9124119110
Center Sydjylland

720 kr./person

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Phung Nguyen Yen

720 kr./person

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