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Priserne kan variere afhængigt af forskellige kommunale tilskud
  • Fuldt betalende 200 kr/person
  • Efterløn, Odense 188 kr/person
  • Fleksydelse, Odense 188 kr/person
  • Pensionist, Odense 188 kr/person
  • Studerende, Odense 188 kr/person


  • 22-09-2022
    16:00 - 18:45


Do you love dogs? So you may like to draw their portrait. Let me show you how. This workshop has 2 parts: 1st: basics of drawing dog’s face (tips + hints), 2nd: drawing your own dog (you need a good reference picture of his head).

Workshop for beginners in drawing.

You must bring the following: pencils (colour pencil), eraser, paper A3 or A4 size, picture of your dog.

About the teacher:
I am an artist and art teacher from Prague (Czech Republic). I draw portraits and paint on silk. I help others – mainly beginners in drawing to dive deep into their creativity and draw or paint.

English will be the spoken language.

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