Yoga for back pain in English

Yoga is very much effective as standard physical therapy for treating moderate to severe chronic back pain in people. Yoga involves a series of poses, also called postures, and emphasizes breathing techniques. The postures teach you to stretch and strengthen your muscles, which helps reduce muscular tension, build flexibility and strength, and improve balance and bone strength.
Note: If you suffer from a slipped disc, it is strongly recommended to consult your doctor before practicing yoga postures for backache relief. Please seek your doctor's advice before joining the class.

Practical information
The course is located in Odense, Hunderupvej 103, every Tuesday from 16.40-18.10 in the yoga room in the basement. Go through the front door and straight on through the kitchen, turn left at the yoga sign, walk straight on and then turn right and you have found the yoga room. Your teacher, Lakshmi, will help you and welcome you to the course.


AOF Huset, Hunderupvej 103, 5230 Odense M
Tirsdag, 16:40 - 18:10
14 lektioner, 7 mødegange
Tirsdag 7. maj, 2024
Holdnr.: 6424104559
AOF Center Odense

700 kr./person

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Prasanna Lakshmi Bezawada

700 kr./person

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