Gentle yoga with yoga Nidra in English

Gentle yoga is a less intense, slower yoga practice. In this yogic practice, you'll typically move at a slower, more comfortable pace that reduces stress and strain on joints and muscles. It generally includes mantra chanting, stretching, pranayama, and relaxation. And then we do yoga nidra for few minutes.

Yoga Nidra in Sanskrit means Yogic sleep. The rest that you get through this power nap is much more powerful than sleep because the relaxation takes place consciously.

Practical information
The course is located in Odense, Hunderupvej 103, every Wednesday day from 17.05-18.05 in the yoga room in the basement. Go through the front door and straight on through the kitchen, turn left at the yoga sign, walk straight on and then turn right and you have found the yoga room. Your teacher, Lakshmi, will help you and welcome you to the course.


AOF Huset, Hunderupvej 103, 5230 Odense M
Onsdag, 17:05 - 18:05
22,61 lektioner, 17 mødegange
Onsdag 14. august, 2024
Hold nr.: 6424204183

1.020 kr./person

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Prasanna Lakshmi Bezawada

Hi I'm Lakshmi from India. 

My yoga journey started long back around 20 years back . I worked one and half a year as yoga instructor in a Ashram in India.

After my marriage we moved to Denmark and I started working as a software engineer here ( with the qualification of the masters in computer science) after my second kid I stopped my working due to my husband busy office schedules and journeys . 

Now I would like to do my favorite job, so I did few certifications :

Yoga teacher training

Yoga therapy

Pre and post natal yoga ( pregnancy yoga )

Kids yoga teacher training.

1.020 kr./person

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