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Asian vegetarian dishes

Asia is home to plant-based Buddhist cooking and diet.

In this vegetarian cooking class, we bring you the best dishes from across Asia, utilizing traditional techniques from various cuisines and cultures.
Vegetarian food can be vibrant, full of flavor, and doesn't rely on "fake meat" to provide a satisfying experience.

Menu example:
Vietnamese caramelized lemongrass tofu and coconut spring rolls
Japanese Kobocha miso soup
Chinese stir-fried green beans with garlic and ginger
Mango sago - coconut mango tapioca pudding.

This class is suitable for those following a vegetarian, vegan, halal, or plant-based diet.
The class is held in English.

Raw ingredients is paid to the teacher at the class.


Mølholm Skole, Tankegangen 1, 7100 Vejle
Tirsdag, 17:30 - 21:30
5,2 lektioner, 1 mødegang
Tirsdag 25. juni, 2024
Hold nr.: 9124119003

350 kr./person

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Phung Nguyen Yen

350 kr./person

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