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Pregnancy can be an emotionally and physically challenging experience During pregnancy every organ and system must work hard to nurture the baby and also to keep the mother strong and fit.  

It is also extremely emotional and a major spiritual event in one’s life, changing and taking us on a new journey, the journey of motherhood. It is an event that a woman will never forget and the most transformative experience in one’s life. 

 Pregnancy yoga practice has shown a lot of benefits for pregnant women. Yoga helps strengthen various systems in the body and helps us to prepare physically, mentally, and spiritually for birthing. Gradually  with yoga,  pregnant woman can easily handle stress, anxiety and any other negative emotions. 

In the class we focus on  various yoga poses to strengthen various parts of the body such as the back, pelvic floor and the core and the Breathing practice, which is very helpful to control the mental stress and anxiety during labour. Meditation / relaxation practice is important to keep the mind positive and peaceful and also Mantras can be a great help at this time for focus and balance  and Om chanting for general stress relief and peace of mind. 

English will be the spoken language.

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