House dance class beginner

House dance comes from the underground clubs in Chicago and New York, back in the late 70's.
The dance consists of three elements; Jacking, footwork and lofting.
In this dance class, we will be dancing and feeling the rhythm of the beat of house music, focusing on the fundamental movement of the style, which is jacking.
Emphasis will be on feeling light on your feet so you can dance to the beat while using the jacking.
It's going to be a lot of footwork and if we're really feeling the music, we might go down on the floor and do some lofting.
There will also be a huge focus on musicality, getting to play with the music in different ways and explore it both in exercises and choreographies.

I’m 24 years old, from Iceland and am full of passion for creativity and a love for passing on my knowledge and experiences.
I have at least 12 years of dance background and I’ve graduated from Flow Dance Academy, a year of intense dance education in Copenhagen and Paris with many different dance styles.
I learned mostly urban styles, such as hip hop, popping, house, break dance, locking, waacking, dancehall and afro house.
My strongest styles are hip hop, waacking and house but I love to engage other styles and techniques into my choreographies.
I've participated in many showcases, some dance battles, made dance videos and started teaching dance here in Copenhagen in 2021.
My biggest emphasis is on being able to freestyle, which is also my favorite form of dancing but the foundation is the most important part of being able to do so.
I am very open and I love to be creative and try new things.


Prismen, Holmbladsgade 71, 2300 København S
Onsdag, 20:30 - 21:30
13 lektioner, 9 mødegange
Onsdag 6. marts, 2024
Holdnr.: 4824104110
AOF Center Storkøbenhavn

660 kr./person

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Thora Mjoll Josepsdottir

660 kr./person

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